Guest Policies

Last updated: October 14, 2021The safety and comfort of all guests is of paramount importance to Illuminarium. Guests are advised to familiarize themselves with the content of this policy and adhere to it at all times. Upon entering Illuminarium, guests are deemed to agree and comply with the guidance in this policy.Guests are required to follow all verbal instructions offered by Illuminarium team members.Illuminarium is an attraction using the newest and most advanced technology available today. The platform includes advanced audio systems which can produce high volume sounds, haptic effects in the floor which offer the sense of motion and projection systems which may produce strobe-like effects. The attraction features two separate spaces each offering varying degrees of audio, haptic and projection intensities. The degree of intensity will depend on the featured spectacle.Our premises are under constant CCTV supervision to protect our guests, team members and assets. Illuminarium has supplemental security systems throughout its facilities to protect its property. Illuminarium reports all suspected vandalism, theft and cases of shop lifting to the authorities.Firearms or any other type of weapon (knives, box cutters, nun-chucks, mace, pepper spray, stun guns or tasers, laser pointers or any other potential weapon determined at the discretion of an Illuminarium representative) are not permitted on Illuminarium premises. Fireworks are strictly forbidden.No bicycles, scooters, tricycles, skateboards, roller/in-line skates or shoes with wheels (wheelies) are permitted on the Illuminarium premises.Illuminarium welcomes guests using power-driven mobility devices. Due to the nature of the attraction’s general layout, design and available space, the use of motorized equipment like Segways and electric scooters is prohibited on Illuminarium’s premises.Outside food or drinks are not allowed in the attraction, in our café, or on the café patio unless specifically agreed to by Illuminarium management. When dining with us, guests are invited to let our team members know of specific dietary requirements or food allergies in advance of ordering.Adults are responsible for the care and conduct of their children. Children under the age of 13 visiting Illuminarium must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. This requires that the adult remain in the company of the child while in the attraction. The adult may not be in the café or retail shop while the child is viewing the show. Illuminarium advises guests visiting with larger groups of children under the age of 13 to identify all members of the group using an easily recognizable identifier and adhere to a minimum of 5-to-1 ratio under 5yrs age and 1-to-10 ratio under 13 years old.Guest may be held liable for damages caused to Illuminarium property.Displays of profane, obscene, or injurious language, texts or graphics for public view is prohibited. Guests displaying such language on clothing will be asked to either change the garment or otherwise cover the offensive image/language.No guest is allowed to create any activity that could be described as a performance, a show or a happening, make a declaration or speech, create a media event or photo opportunity, or give organized speaking tours of the Illuminarium without prior approval from the Illuminarium management.Indecent exposure and sexual acts or behavior are prohibited.Illuminarium is a smoke-free venue under Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 202.2483 and the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act. This restriction includes all smoke ware, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Though outdoor, the Illuminarium patio is considered a component of the venue and is therefore a nonsmoking area.Pets are not permitted within the attraction and/or supplemental service areas such as retail, café or patio. Service animals are welcomed into the facility under the requirements defined by law under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The intense nature of the attraction may affect service animals. Please refer to our team for guidance.Illuminarium requires a valid State or Federal Identification document for every purchase of any beverage containing alcohol; this ID is required for every order and thus can be repetitive. Illuminarium reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages without stating any reason or limitation.Illuminarium reserves the right to deny admission, or require a person already admitted to leave the premises, without refund, liability or compensation if management deems the removal necessary. We invite all visitors, guests, and team members to alert management of any unsafe situations, behaviors or issues causing detriment to the experience, enjoyment of others, or safety of those on premises.Reservations for groups, schools and events are governed by the booking agreement; all other general rules and regulations apply to these visits.