Step off the BeltLine
and into Africa.

Through ground breaking technology, you’ll come
face-to-face with the world’s most exotic animals
while standing in their natural habitats. Visit the
watering holes, wander the sweeping plains, take in
the majestic landscapes.

Illuminarium activates all your senses through
cinematic immersion, transporting you to the
world’s most extraordinary places and beyond.
Brought to life through high-resolution wall &
floor laser projection, 3D immersive audio, in-floor
vibration, and even scent, you will be placed into
the middle of the story.

WILD at Illuminarium
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The Bar
at Illuminarium

Enjoy cocktails in a one-of-a-kind
experience that surrounds you in
ever-changing and magically
immersive settings.

Illuminarium Atlanta
Now Open
AREA15 Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Opening Winter 2021/2022
Mana Wynwood Miami
Mana Wynwood
Opening Fall 2022

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