Don’t be late for this very important date! Inspired by Lewis Caroll’s fantasy novel, “Through the Looking Glass,” WAKING WONDERLAND picks up three generations with Alice’s granddaughter Anna on her quest to discover the magical land told to her in stories from her treasured grandmother.

Join Anna as she goes down the Looking Glass, through the Magical Mushroom Forest, and joins the Mad Hatter Tea Party, only to come face-to-face with the Queen of Hearts in her Throne Room.

Along the adventure, meet beloved characters like The Cheshire Cat, interact with actors dressed in magnificent costumes and play with a real-life tea set. The magical adventure has over 30 interactive moments to engage with, close to 2000 mushrooms in the interactive forest, and 138 White Rabbits hidden across each world. With all of this excitement, the question remains, can you help wake Wonderland up for good?

General Admission

General Admission: $35 
Kids & Seniors:
Time Allotment:
60-90 mins

Discover the Colorful Waterfalls in the Mushroom Forest

Blend Tea in the Mad Hatters’ Tea Factory

Get Lost in the Queen’s Hedge Maze

An Immersive Adventure

Tumble down the rabbit hole into Wonderland and join the quest to awaken a slumbering world and bring back the magic to Wonderland. You'll encounter surreal worlds and colourful characters both on screen and in real life!

360 Degree
Immersive Show


Fun Experience
All Ages