SPACE: A Journey To The Moon & Beyond

Take an extraordinary journey across the galaxy. Fly through a technicolor nebula, kick up dust on the moon, see Saturn’s rings up close, and weave through an asteroid belt. Take a giant leap into the unknown!

General Admission

General Admission: $35 
Kids & Seniors:
Time Allotment:
60-90 mins

Countdown To Takeoff On A Space Exploration Through the Galaxy

Leave Footprints on the Moon

Explore the Stunning Discoveries of the All-New James Webb Telescope 

SPACE: A Journey To
The Moon & Beyond

Illuminarium’s high-tech animation systems and 360 cinematic immersive screens provide a
mind-blowing journey through our solar system, where guests will experience what it’s like to
walk on the surface of the Moon.

360 Degree
Immersive Show


Fun Experience
All Ages

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