Illuminarium Accessibility Information

Last updated: May 20, 2021

Illuminarium is an engaging experiential attraction that has the mission to transport you to the world’s most extraordinary experiences. We achieve this by featuring immersive 360-degree video projection, supported by state- of- the-art sound and haptics powered by the most advanced technology partners on Earth.

Should you need to discuss your visit or requirements with us, please email us at 24 hours prior to your visit, call 404-341-1000 prior to arrival or request help from one of our team members upon arrival at the attraction.

Service animals are welcome at Illuminarium. Animals who do not meet the definition of a service animal as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will not be permitted in any areas of our facility.

While visiting, Guests who use service animals must retain control of their animals at all times and should keep them properly leashed, harnessed, or otherwise under the control of the handler as defined by law. Any show of hostile behavior towards other Guests or our Team Members is unacceptable. Service animals may not be handled by or left with Team Members.

Emotional support animals and other animals are not permitted.

Please consider the following components of technology that will be part of your experience and review our guidance and considerations below. These are the components known to affect certain guests; please reach out to our team to understand the technology, how it is used and any other elements that are being used. We are ready to assist with any specific requests, or to provide more information and answers to questions associated with accessibility.

  • Darkness
  • Strobe like effects
  • Loud Sounds/ sound effects
  • Use of Radar and Lidar
  • Haptic Effects (vibration)
  • Confined spaces
  • Real size predator projection
  • Real size animal projection
  • Interactivity of floor projection
  • Large crowds
  • Effects suggesting flight

Special guidance and suggestions for:

Visitors with a visual or hearing impairment
Visitors with epilepsy / Photosensitive epilepsy
Visitors with autism and other neuro-diverse conditions
Visitors who are wheelchair users
Visitors with mobility impairments
Visitors with claustrophobia and those who experience panic attacks
Visitors with food allergies
Visitors that are pregnant and parents caring for infants

Illuminarium visitors with epilepsy or photosensitive epilepsy

Illuminarium features dark moments and low-intensity surprises as part of the projected spectacle. There are no moments that are intended to shock, though all visitors might respond differently to the experience and the behaviors of technology elements that are part of the attraction. As an example, some projection is interactive - in certain scenarios the guest could trigger the movement of projected water as they walk across the space or trigger a projection movement effect, such as a snake appearing.

Illuminarium uses radar technology that provides input for the interactive systems projected on the floor. All radar systems adhere to the best international standards under: Class 1 eye-safe per IEC/EN 60825-1: 2014. The light-frequency of the radar used is similar to InfraRed and is not believed to be visible to the human eye. Please contact Illuminarium with any questions regarding the technology prior to entering the attraction. Guests with epilepsy and photosensitive epilepsy, or other disabilities that may be affected by this technology, may identify themselves with the Illuminarium team prior to entering the attraction to ask any questions they may have that will assist them in deciding whether to participate.

Illuminarium visitors with autism and other neuro-diverse conditions

Illuminarium is an immersive experience attraction. As a result, the attraction is sensory-driven and may result in an overwhelming experience for guests with some neuro-diverse conditions, including autism.

Guests with disabilities triggered by sensory overload may identify themselves to our team for more information about accommodations and services that may be available during their visit and to learn more about sensory sessions designed for those that can get easily overwhelmed.

Illuminarium has been certified as a Sensory Inclusive Business by KultureCity and offers our guests with cognitive disabilities sensory bags. Although we have ample bags on site, we cannot guarantee there will be a sensory bag available for every guest. Please visit for more information on the certification and the sensory bags provided.

Illuminarium visitors in wheelchairs

There are no stairs in the Illuminarium attraction, and all height transitions meet ADA requirements. As the attraction is a walking and standing experience, guests using wheelchairs may request support from any Illuminarium team member to ensure they receive assistance in finding a location where their line of sight is not disrupted by others. Illuminarium is committed to assist in these scenarios, although we cannot guarantee the behavior and consideration of all visitors.

Visitors with mobility impairments

Illuminarium is fully accessible. There are no stairs and very minimal height variances. The experience is intended to be enjoyed largely standing and walking, therefore there are no seating options in the first room of the attraction and limited seating in the second room. If the extended experience becomes difficult, Illuminarium team members are present to assist with aiding guests with mobility impairments. Illuminarium is committed to assist, although cannot guarantee the behavior and consideration of all visitors.

Illuminarium visitors likely to have panic attacks or suffer from claustrophobia

Illuminarium is an experiential attraction with two separate main spaces. The attraction does not have any scary moments or surprises. Guests may experience a journey under water, stand face to face with life-sized predators/large animals, or gaze down cliffs and unknown places through the story telling and use of our projection technology.

The journey starts in a room that can welcome approximately 75 guests, under the guidance of an experienced ambassador. Although this room has 22 ft. high ceilings, limited lighting levels may cause overcrowding sensitivity. The second room is a large open space and crowding is not anticipated for guests with this sensitivity.

Illuminarium visitors with food allergies

Guests with allergies or sensitivities to food ingredients are encouraged to review our menu prior to placing an order with our team member. Please identify your allergies to our team so that we can assist you with your selections. We use reasonable efforts in our food sourcing, preparation, and handling procedures to avoid the introduction of the named allergens into your menu choices. While we take steps to prevent cross-contact, we do not have separate allergy-friendly kitchens and are unable to guarantee that a menu item is completely free of allergens.

Although we do not allow outside food & drinks at Illuminarium, for those with food allergies we are able to make exemptions. Please notify our team of your needs and we will happily assist with plates, dishes etc. to provide you a pleasant and safe experience.

If you are a participant or guest in a larger party or event contracted to be held at Illuminarium, please ensure the event planner, your host, and our team are aware of any sensitivities.

Illuminarium visitors who are pregnant or caring for small children

There are no known reasons to restrict visitation of the attraction by a guest who is pregnant, notwithstanding potential dizziness because of the impactful projection and immersive aspects of the experience. For those who are pregnant, a team member can identify our limited seating within the attraction. In the first room there is no seating, while the larger second room has very limited seating. If the extended experience becomes difficult, Illuminarium team members are present to assist with finding seating. Illuminarium is committed to assist in these scenarios, although we cannot guarantee the behavior and consideration of all visitors.

Illuminarium is not a scary attraction and is suitable for all ages. The experiential aspects of the attraction may be overwhelming for some children under 3. If your child is easily overwhelmed, scared or has a general nervous demeanor, the Illuminarium team recommends you have enough adults in the group to deal with a possible departure of one adult to assist the infant, which requires another adult to remain with any under-aged visitors.

Those caring for infants or small children are welcome to bring a stroller into the attraction. Illuminarium reserves the right to restrict the maximum number of child-carrying devices to ensure staffing levels remain sufficient to assure the smooth and safe operation of the attraction.

If you have any additional concerns that were not addressed, please reach out to our Guest Relations team at or 404-341-1000 (Phone assistance available Sunday-Wednesday 8AM-4PM and Thursday-Saturday 8AM-8PM.